Q: I’ve heard that my hearing and sense of balance are interconnected. How is that possible?

A: It might seem surprising, but it’s true — your ears and balance go somewhat hand in hand, providing another reason to take care of your hearing wellness. Let’s take a closer look.

Your inner ear includes the cochlea and the vestibular, or balance system. The cochlea is where sound signals are captured, converted to electrical signals, and sent to the brain to be interpreted. The vestibular system, which comprises three bony canals and two pouches, tells your brain where your head is in space and when and how it’s moving.

Both hearing and balance depend heavily on the status of your inner ear, so it makes sense that what affects one may affect the other. Though not all hearing issues involve balance problems and not all balance disorders involve hearing-related conditions, they can intersect.

Like other systems within the body, hearing and balance help reflect the many ways in which various functions are interconnected and potentially interdependent. It’s one of the reasons taking care of your hearing health supports your overall wellness.

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